What Does Sak Yant Tattooing Mean?

You have probably seen different types of Sak Yant tattoos designs and shapes. Sak Yant tattoos themselves are mostly referred to as the Muay Thai tattoos because they are usually worn and attributed to Muay Thai fighters. What do they mean, after all? What are their basic functions and advantages?

The Unique Tattoo Creation

Sak Yant tattoos are often associated with spiritual powers. Originally, these tattoos were done by the Buddhist monks to the Muay Thai fighters to give them blessings of good luck, protection, success, and other positive reinforcements. The monks would use the sharp bamboo needles to prick the skin and create a pattern. It is possible to use steel needles today but the basic implementation is just the same. How is the sensation? Well, when compared to the modern tattooing with the modern equipment, the implementation of Sak Yant is more painful. It does take a special skill to be able to prick the skin fast and efficiently and come up with the artistic pattern.

The Rules

There are so many strict rules often associated with the Sak Yant practice and implementation. For instance, if your tattoo is made by someone who isn’t a monk, you can get a bad luck. If the person doesn’t use a bamboo stick, it will also create another bad luck. The Sak Yant you have will be considered fake and any fake tattoo will not be properly blessed. As you are well aware of, the wearer of the tattoo will be endowed sacred or the supernatural power from the tattoo but having the fake tattoo will get you nowhere – you won’t possess any extra power or ability either. If you want to experience the full effect, you need to follow the rules.

The Various Sak Yant Designs

Although there are basically limitless types of Sak Yant Thai Tattoos designs and patterns, these are the most common Sak Yant patterns:

·         Ha Thaeo or the Five Row Yant.
·         Hanuman or the Monkey God. It is commonly chosen by fighters because it represents courage and bravery.
·         Tigers. It represents power, fearlessness, and strength. That’s why it is often chosen by soldiers, fighters, and the police. The design may vary, including twin tiger or leaping tiger.
·         The Hermit or Pho Kae or Reuesi. The wearer of the tattoo is believed to possess the wisdom, kindness, knowledge, and peaceful state of mind.
·         Ganesh or Phra Pi Kaned, which is a Hindu god. It represents success.